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Manage Messages from your Yahoo! Groups Better with Grouply

I wanted to pass on a nice tip offered by Yahoo! MindManager Users Group member, Michele Edwards. If you’re a member of several Yahoo! User Groups, a new service called Grouply, can help you better manage them.

I just tried signing in to check it out for the first time and it seemed pretty simple and efficient. All the service asks is that you supply your Yahoo! User ID and password along with your first and last name. Then it syncs up your messages associated with your Yahoo! groups (I’m in 7) allowing you to better:

View new activity in each group and quickly access the most recent messages posted

View the most active, highly rated or most often bookmarked threads in each group

Post post new messages to any group from within Grouply

Meet new group members and popular authors

Set up a profile for others to meet you and begin networking

For more information on joining the Yahoo! MindManager Users Group (which just surpassed 4,000 members), click here.

Thanks again for the tip, Michele!

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