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Visualizing Social Media Networks in MindManager

MindManager customer and social media guru, Andrew Shuttleworth, recently mapped out all his social media networks- from social networking/bookmarking communities (example: Facebook, Digg, to photos (Flickr) to video (YouTube, Blip.TV) to to his favorite websites and blogs (RSS feeds) and microblogs (Twitter, Utterz) to business contacts to lifecasting and even events he attends.

As Josh Catone, from Read Write Web, concludes “The result is a staggering view of how information we put on the web flows.”

Download Andrew’s Map

Andrew’s take away from the experience?

“Overall, it was very helpful to see an overview of how my online information flows. I managed to get rid of some redundant channels along the way and am in a good position to consolidate and make sensible decisions about how to share information from now on.”

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