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Big Maps

Let’s talk about big maps.

First question: What is a big map? In other words, when you think "This is a big map!", what makes you think that? Is it just the number of topics? The size when expanded? The behavior of MindManager when you are working with it? Where do you draw the line?

Second question: What is in your big maps? Do all your maps become big, or just some of them? Why do some maps get big and others stay small?

Third question: What do you do with your big maps? Do you break them up, or do they just get bigger and bigger?

Fourth question: What would you like to do with your big maps? Do you wish for specific features or abilities to deal with big maps better than you do today?

The floor is yours.

(If you responded to this in the MindManager Yahoo group, thanks! No need to repeat yourself here.)

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