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Using MindManager to Create Interview Scripts

Today I came across an insightful and truly unique story on The Evolving Worker blog about how MindManager can be used to create interview scripts. The post provides a real world example of a phone call script an interviewer could use to qualify participants for "Stop Smoking" in-depth interviews or a focus group, for example.

First, the author created maps to transcribe the Q&A. Then the data was extracted an intranet application involving Ruby programming language.

Having managed a team of recruiters who followed scripts to recruit focus group participants prior to joining Mindjet, I can definitely see the benefits of using maps in this area.

This blog’s author describes the results of this project:

"The stop-smoking specialists were able to use the mind-mapping software themselves to describe what was relevant, without much need to be trained nor without any technical person behind (as long as the adopted conventions were followed)."

Check out the full blog post here now.

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