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A Few New Mind Mapping Resources For You!

We like to spread the word about new mind mapping blogs and websites we’re regularly discovering. Today we’re sharing three new sites you might find helpful on your quest to stay on top of the latest news:

  • The recently launched Research & Reports Center of the Mind Mapping Software Weblog. Access surveys, reports and eBooks on everything from the most popular uses and benefits of mind mapping to mistakes to avoid when creating maps and how to make them stand out from average maps.
  • Maplicious, a new blog from MindManager user, Chris Blatnick who teaches you how to get creative with your maps and use them to have more fun in life and inspire others.
  • Study Matrix Blog, created by MindManager user, Adam Sicinski. Adam turns mind maps into works of art and then uses them to improve study skills such as speed reading, unlocking creative potential and changing procrastination into motivation.


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