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A time to celebrate with our customers

Congratulations to CJ Cornell and all MindManager customers in the MindManager user group on The group grew to over 1,000 members today!

Straight from CJ, himself, here are all the opportunities you can take advantage of when you join:

1. The Forums:
A great place to exchange ideas, tips, ask questions etc. with 1,000+ visually minded people like you. While you are there, check the option to be notified when others post messages so you don’t have to always come back and check.

2.Your PERSONAL page:
A few of us have discovered how POWERFUL this is. It’s not just a profile and message wall!

+ You can maintain your own BLOG on this page (thus you don’t have to set it up elsewhere)
+ You can upload CONTENT to this page – sample video, maps, articles, graphics etc
+ You can add widgets and RSS feeds
+ And lots more to make the page a useful tool for yourself, your colleagues and customers.
+ Don’t forget to update your profile and photo. We really want to get to know you and exchange ideas.

3. Maps, Documents, Videos and Event Content Uploading:
Just as with your own page – you can upload (and view) content of interest to the all mappers. In fact, check out some of the videos and articles already posted.

4. Groups:
Some members have already forums special-interest groups. This allows members with industry-related or other interests for a sub community, with members, forums and other information,

5. Home Page: The home page of the network contains live links and feeds to popular blogs, forums, articles and content. If you know of any relevant blogs, forums, news, content etc – please let me know! Also – if you’ve written a blog entry on your page or posted some content, let me know and I can feature it on the home page for all the world to see.

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