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Critics rave about Mindjet Connect

We’re excited to share a small sampling of the rave reviews Mindjet Connect has received, since its launch on June 18th! We encourage you to get in on the discussions by leaving your thoughts about Mindjet Connect within the comments sections of any articles you enjoy.

There are also some unique ways to participate in the our recent piece from Fortune Small Business. The article allows you to share a story with the article’s author, about how you’ve mapped your mind, share the article link with others, in a variety of Web 2.0 friendly formats, and even submit your own spectacular MindManager maps for inclusion within the article’s rotating map gallery. Leave your creative mark and help inspire others to the limitless uses for MindManager. Please send an maps you’d like to submit to us at: and we’ll relay them to the journalist.

Mindjet Connect’s Recent Coverage:

Intranet Journal

“(MindManager’s) popularity is on the rise, and earlier this year it won an Intranet Journal award for best collaboration tool.”

Fortune Small Business “MindManager was the first piece of software to put mind maps on the computer a decade ago, and it has gained steadily in popularity ever since…This week, cult favorite Mindjet released a new, online tool for collaborative mapping.” Mindjet Connect boosts accessibility

bMighty: Mindjet Connect rated #1 Enterprise 2.0 Tool for Growing Companies

Destination CRM: Mindjet Connect Allows Users to See the Big Picture

"Connect also has the potential to add value to and to supplement CRM. The product integrates with, allowing sales and customer data to dynamically infiltrate the mapping workspace."

RedMonk: Mindjet Connect – SaaS for Mind Maps and Document Management

"The online storage repository, version tracking, and sharing features (within Mindjet Connect)…look great."

eWeek: Mindjet Named #1 Technology Worth Watching

"Mindjet has been flying under the radar, but not for long."

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