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SnagIt Users: Visually Enhance Your Maps with SnagIt Output for MindManager

A tip for MindManager Users with SnagIt:

Use the free SnagIt Output for MindManager to quickly add screen captures directly to MindManager maps.

Here’s how:

·         Download the SnagIt Output for MindManager application on TechSmith’s website

·         Save the application to the desired location on your computer

·         Open a MindManager map you wish to add a screen captured image to

·         Open SnagIt and create a screen capture as usual

·         In your SnagIt Capture Preview Window, once you have edited your image to a final version,   click on the MindManager product icon on the far right of the toolbar within it

·         Select where on your map you’d like to place the image when you receive the “Insert Capture As” prompt within SnagIt

·         Go back to your open MindManager map to see your image has been placed where instructed

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