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What’s your Favorite MindManager or Mindjet Connect Tip?

Mindjet would like to provide our community with more customer-driven product tips ‘n tricks. Can anyone share their favorite suggestion? It can be a keyboard shortcut, a "how to", just something that makes your every day mapping experience easier. Either way, some detail about steps to take to incorporate the tip or trick into the user experience would be great! Send us a tip we end up publishing and we’ll thank you with a Mindjet t-shirt! We’ll also include a byline for you, to help promote your favorite blog or website.

We welcome all tips and tricks in any format- video, audio, map format or just text description. Please include your full time, title and a hyperlink to your favorite website or blog, if interested.

Here are a few current tips ‘n tricks to inspire you:

Adding Resources and Tasks to MindManager maps

Using MindManager Pro 7’s Paint Formatting Tool

Managing Your Next Move

Send your suggestions (or any questions you may have) to:

Thanks for your support!

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