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Get your project off to the right start with Visual Thinking in Sacramento, CA on 9/27

Join Mindjet for a live project management focused presentation in Sacramento, California on August 27th with the PMI Sacramento Valley chapter. Get your project off to the right start with Visual Thinking.

8:30 am – Noon

Sutter Square Galleria
2901 K Street, Rm 200
Sacramento, California

Business projects can range from simple task plans to complex enterprise-changing initiatives. The management of these projects can be a challenging undertaking ? often requiring the use of a project planning tool. While many project planning tools manage the tasks and activities required to complete a project, few tools assist with critical early planning – the part of the project that most significantly impacts success. In addition, mainstream project management solutions excel at managing day-to-day delivery details but they fail to provide project managers with a solid visual representation of high level information- such as the project objectives, key strategies, possible alternatives, and other critical information.In this session Mindjet will walk you through how visual thinking can help you build an effective foundation of knowledge that will stimulate how successful projects plans get things done.

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