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Mindjet September/October Newsletter: Effective Project Management

We’re excited to announce the release, today, of our September/October newsletter highlighting tools and techniques for effective project management.

This Edition Features:

  • Top Story: Michael Tchong mapping ‘Ubertrends’ in the Information Age
  • Customer Columns: 29 favorite MindManager keyboard shortcuts from Mindjet’s Co-founder, Mike Jetter, and contributions from Jamie Nast and Stephanie Diamond
  • Video Tip ‘n Trick: From Brian S. Friedlander, of the Assistive Technology Blog, on using sync fill color in JCVGantt
  • Mindjet Partner Showcase: Mapping project plans on the go with Pocket mindmap
  • Customer Spotlight: Meet a project manager who uses MindManager and JCVGantt to capture project requirements, documents and schedules
  • Customer Care Corner: Answering your common questions about the MindManager 7.2 service pack and where to get live customer service support

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