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Mapping Operation Outreach Malawi

Mindjet customer, Randy Shearer, is using MindManager to map both his business plans and fundraising efforts for Operation Outreach Malawi, Africa. This non-profit is raising money for critical issues facing a small village within Malawi called Kapunula.

Statistics show 2 out of 5 children in Kapunula and surrounding villages never make it to 5 years of age; Randy’s efforts are turning this problem around. Mindjet’s Melinda Venable has teamed up with Randy to create a PSA video about the cause and how the community can help. Click here to view it now.

Randy shares his success in nearby village, Hanoke, as proof that a little effort goes a long way. Operation Outreach Malawi was able to raise money for simple solutions like mosquito nets and water treatment, which help improve child mortality rates.

Mindjet will be sponsoring an upcoming fundraiser at the Keystorm Pub in Brockville Ontario, Canada on October 16th, with money generating going directly to the Kapunula tribe. If you’d like to know more, please email us at:

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