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Browsing Within Your MindManager Maps

Part 4 of 8 in the blog series, What’s Great in MindManager 8?

In my last blog, I covered how MindManager 8’s new embedded browser can both view and edit Microsoft Office files. Today, I’m going to share two other uses of the embedded browser.

Web Access
The integrated browser enables you to view and interact with any website. This is a powerful new addition to your mapping. Why? Here’s a few things you can now do inside your map:

  • Research online, cutting and pasting content directly into your map
  • Work with your online services like directly from your map dashboards
  • Access your Microsoft SharePoint server
  • Enhance presentations with videos from sites like YouTube
  • Display web-based slideshows from or
  • Include notes, spreadsheets or charts from online office apps like Google Docs

PDF Viewing
Last, but not least, you can view Adobe PDF files within the browser. This can be extremely useful when you’re performing research.  While reviewing PDF files, summarize or take notes directly in your map.

Whether you’re writing, researching, brainstorming or simply getting things done, MindManager 8’s integrated browser will let increase your focus and your productivity.

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