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Congratulations to Innovator and Inventor, Caroline Wagstaff!

We’d like to extend a warm congratulations to MindManager customer, Caroline Wagstaff of the UK! Caroline has won both the “Woman Global Innovator” and “Inventor” awards from every Woman magazine for creating BackBliss, a lotion applicator for easily distributing lotion to difficult-to-reach places.

In this excerpt from every Woman magazine, Caroline talks about the vital role MindManager played in her success:

“With sheer hard work, Caroline got the applicator to market in just six months. One technique, Caroline found invaluable, was mind-mapping. This is a visual way of capturing thoughts and connecting them together with color, bubbles, pictures, texts and images. It’s similar to the ‘spider diagrams’ you’re taught at school, only more sophisticated and interactive. Caroline used Mindjet’s mind-mapping software and she says, “It allowed me to de-clutter my thoughts; power my creativity; and ultimately let me break down the mammoth task I had ahead into manageable chunks.”

We hope Caroline’s story will help you realize the endless possibilities out there for innovating and creating. We recommend you check out the “New Product Development” map templates in the Mindjet map gallery and explore other MindManager small business customer success stories like Caroline’s.

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