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Context Matters: Edit Office Files Within MindManager Maps!

Part 3 of 8 in the blog series, ‘What’s Great in MindManager 8’!

Here’s one of my favorite features of MindManager 8. Within MindManager, it’s referred to as the embedded browser. But the name underplays its power.

With the embedded browser, you can open, view, edit and save changes to Microsoft Office files. Both attached or linked files can be opened within the browser. And this all happens within MindManager, without losing context of the map you’re in or losing focus on the task at hand.

Download the example above with MindManager 8 and give it a try.

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Here are some ways the embedded browser can save you time and keep you focused:

Managing Project Information

Keep your project documents and deliverables linked on your project dashboard map for easy access and updates.

Writing and Research Projects
Writing can only be as good as the thinking that precedes it. Map out your research and organize your thoughts. Attach a word document and start writing with your visual outline as a guide.

 Creating PowerPoint Presentations
Many presentation experts agree that mind-mapping is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts into clear, well-structured presentations. Start with your map and let it guide you the whole time as you develop your presentations.

 Delivering Map Presentations
Add even more sizzle when you present your MindManager map by attaching and displaying slides, documents or detailed spreadsheets and charts. Everything you share will be in context and your audience will never lose sight of the ‘big picture’. When questions or comments arise, capture everything in your map or make real-time updates to your attached or linked files.

Stay tuned for more on this feature on my next post or check out this quick video tutorial to see it in action.

How will you use the embedded browser? Leave your comments below.

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