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Creating Global Change with Visual Language, Thinking and Practice

Today I attended a webinar about how to use visual thinking to change the world. I guess the logic goes, if linear thinking got us into this mess, maybe we need to use a different paradigm to find a way out. Why work visually? Well, I plan to dig into that question much deeper in future blogs. But most experts say that working visually will:

  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Communicate internationally
  • Create compelling communications
  • Build alignment and helps achieve faster decisions
  • Shorten meeting times
  • Convey complex information quickly

The event was hosted by Ole Qvist-Sorensen of Bigger Picture and Tom Crawford of VizThink.  If you’re tired of traditional presentations, Ole facilitated a really nice webinar using a picture. Not just a slideshow but a very, very, very, very long picture. Tom announced that VizThink will be posting the webinar up on their site soon.

Like most things, I mapped it. Download a copy of the map here. If you’re not yet using MindManager, sign up for a free trial (Windows, Web, Mac).


What pictures are in your mind that can change the world?

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