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Get Connected and Share Your Maps

Part 8 of 8 in the blog series, ‘What’s Great in MindManager 8’!

Mindjet recently released Mindjet Connect, a new service that enables people who Mindjet to collaborate together on the same map at the same time from different locations, host Web conferences and share maps and other files in secure online workspaces. MindManager 8 now makes it easier to Connect with others to create and share your maps.

The Connect Experience, with MindManager 8
First, a new tab has been added in MindManager to provide easier access to Mindjet Connect.

Second, account management is now integrated within MindManager. You’ll need to be connected to the internet, but no longer need to hop onto a browser to invite others into your account. Also, you can launch Web conferences, chat sessions and access your workspaces directly from the Connect tab.

Finally, the Search feature has been improved to find content in both workspace files and map attachments. In the Search pane, click the ‘More Search Options’ to adjust your search to include attachments and workspace files. For more information on search, check out my last blog entry.

Not Connected Yet? Here’s some exciting news:
If you haven’t heard, Mindjet’s offering a special promotion until Dec. 31st, 2008 where new purchases and upgrades to MindManager 8 for Windows will receive a free 6-month Mindjet Connect Account.

Check it out and get Connected today!


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