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Use SWOT Strategy Maps to Build Your Strategy

Another great Strategy mapping example is the popular ‘SWOT’. I created this example map to highlight how you can map out your company, department, product, blog or even your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Whatever you’re planning, SWOT’s will assist you with the development of your objectives, strategy and tactics. Build on your strengths, transform weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks!

Chuck Frey from the mindmapping software blog previously highlighted this map in his blog a couple of months ago. I’ve given it a little face-lift using one of the new MindManager 8 templates.

There are many reasons why I like MindManager for SWOT strategy maps including:

  • Capture all your ideas quickly with the brainstorming mode
  • Use a projector, web conference or co-edit the same map with Mindjet Connect to engage teams in the brainstorming process
  • Add additional information with notes, hyperlinks, files, spreadsheets & charts
  • Reorganize information by dragging and dropping with a mouse
  • Pack in a ton of information on a single screen showing you the ‘big picture’
  • Add and prioritize ‘tasks’ directly into your map that can be used to build out your action plan

Download SWOT Strategy Map (requires MindManager to open, click here for FREE trial)

What maps are you using to develop your strategy?  What examples would you like to see? Share in the Comments! 

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