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Read Now Gives MindManager 8 a Four Star Review

We’re happy to announce a MindManager 8 for Windows review from, a syndicate from the popular UK-based Vnunet network. Writer, Dave Bailey, walks you through each step from his MindManager 8 installation process to testing its most talked about new features: Database Linker, Web Services, the Embedded Web Brower. For example, Bailey discusses his experience with the Web Services feature, “It was simple to perform a web search," he says, "Insert a topic into the map with the search term required, and on Map Parts, click which engine you want to search with. The results are tagged as sub-topics to the main search topic, and there is a refresh button that can be used to update the searches later if needed. The links next to the search result headlines are clickable."

Adding the SaaS services Mindjet Connect and MindManager Web to MindManager 8 allows users to easily access and collaborate within maps online in real time and maintain the robust mapping functionality.

Vnunet gave MindManager 8 an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars: "Version 8 is a good update to Mindjet’s MindManager client package, and combining it with Connect or Web subscriptions could deliver even more productivity for planning or project management teams."

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