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Another Mashup: MindManager & Remember The Milk

Alan Yoshioka continues to push the limits with his Mindjet Mashups transforming emails in Gmail into Remember The Milk (RTM) tasks and then using them from his MindManager dashboard map. Here are the results of my test this morning:

Remember The Milk Link: Drag your Remember The Milk link from your account to your map. Access & update your tasks directly in the embedded browser.


Remember The Milk – Published Task Lists: RTM lets you publish lists to the public or specific contacts. This allows others to see but not change the tasks.


What works: This appears to be another way to access a great task manager within your project maps. Gain quick access to your tasks lists and make updates directly within MindManager. You can also add publised task lists into project status dashboards.

Future improvements: At first glance, I noticed a few areas that can be improved with this mashup.

  • Ability to link to specific RTM lists (e.g. Work, Errands, Study, etc…)
  • Ability to drag and drop single tasks directly into maps
  • Ability to use MindManager’s news reader or web services to access (and update) RTM tasks

If you know ways to make my desired changes above work, please share in the comments!


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How have you been mashing up MindManager 8?

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