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How to Make a Great Presentation: Mapping Your Content

Making a great presentation isn’t as easy as it sounds…
have you noticed?

I’ve recently changed my role at Mindjet to be the official evangelist. What does that mean? All of a sudden, I became a professional communicator! Blogging, writing articles and…making presentations! I’m giving many presentations these days…on the web, podcasts, conference calls, and live events.  I’ll be using this blog not only as communication medium for Mindjet but also a crucible to test out, discuss (with YOU via comments) and share winning strategies to become a more productive worker and effective communicator…in both work and life.

So, back to making great presentations…There are a lot of factors to consider…from research to design, organization to delivery. But no matter how great the delivery is, or how beautiful the map turns out, if the presentation isn’t built on solid content, it will be difficult, if not impossible to succeed. The content is the foundation that you can build upon to tell a winning story that connects you with your audience.

Regarding content and telling great stories, here are a few questions I’m now finding myself asking:

  • How do I know what content to use?
  • How much is the right amount of information for the presentation?
  • What’s relevant to the audience?
  • What extraneous bits can be left on the cutting room floor?

Mapping Out Your Story

The following map template has been inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book, Beyond Bullet Points. Cliff teaches us, through his book and web sites, how we can change the world by making great presentations! I’ve created a presentation map outline that can help develop a story for 5, 15, or even 45 minute presentations.

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Do you have any presentation map templates or tips to share?
About the Author: Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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