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Increase Productivity with Idea Mapping: Webinar with Jamie Nast

A few weeks ago, Mindjet hosted a webinar with Idea Mapping author Jamie Nast. Jamie has trained thousands on how to create idea maps by hand and with MindManager software. In the webinar, she walks through some great examples of how you can increase both personal and team productivity by visualizing your thoughts! Check the webinar out here. And for more great idea mapping examples, visit Jamie’s blog!

And, I thought it would be interesting to share a “behind the scenes” peek at my version of the presentation map that I used to drive our conversation.

I had this version of our map open on my second monitor during the webinar. The yellow callouts were reminders of the questions that I had planned to ask. I used it as a general guide to keep the conversation focused but tried not to read from it directly so we could keep it organic and flowing.

How’d we do? Love to hear your feedback below.

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