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Lifehacker asks: What’s the best Mind Mapping software?

A leading productivity blog, Lifehacker, just asked which software is best to use to map out your ideas! We’d appreciate your support.

From Lifehacker: “What software do you use to construct mind and concept maps? Which one makes it easiest to get the ideas out of your head? What makes the software you use so awesome? Whether it’s ease of use, great compatibility, or you just love the interface, we want to know what makes your tool of choice great.”

Mindjet (and I) ask for your support and vote.

AddVote: MindManager” to the comments section in LifeHacker’s post: Best Mind Mapping Software?

Thanks from the Mindjet team!


About the Author: Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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