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Taking Shortcuts with MindManager 8…

Shortcut keys provide an easier and usually quicker way to navigate and access your most commonly used software features. Here’s a list of the keys that I’ve been using to speed up my map making with MindManager 8.

For a complete list of shortcut keys, check MindManager’s learning center inside the software. There’s a Keyboard Shortcuts link in the "Learn More" section.

Hint for learning shortcut keys: Review the list below and pick 3 functions that you most frequently use. Memorize and start using the shortcuts that you’ve selected. After a while, it will come naturally to you and you can pick 3 more keys to master.



  • Insert or CTRL + Enter:  Add subtopic
  • Enter:  Add sibling topic (below)
  • Shift + Enter:  Add sibling topic (above)
  • CTRL + Shift + Insert:  Add parent topic
  • CTRL + Shift + Enter:  Add callout topic
  • CTRL + Shift + B:  Add boundary
  • F2:  Edit topic text
  • CTRL + T:  Show or hide the topic notes window
  • CTRL + K:  Add a hyperlink to a topic


Moving Topics

  • CTRL + Alt + Up arrow:  Move topic up one place
  • CTRL + Alt + Down arrow:  Move topic down one place
  • CTRL + Alt + Home:  Move topic to top
  • CTRL + Alt + End:  Move topic to bottom
  • CTRL + Alt + B:  Balance map



  • CTRL + B:  Bold
  • CTRL + I:  Italics
  • CTRL + U:  Underline
  • CTRL + Space:  Clear formatting



  • Arrow Keys:  Move to topic above, below, left, or right
  • Home:  Move to top topic in the level you are on
  • End:  Move to bottom topic in the level you are on
  • CTRL + Home:  Return to Central Topic



  • CTRL + =:  Zoom In 
  • CTRL + -:  Zoom Out
  • CTRL + Arrow Keys:  Scroll map by small steps
  • CTRL + F3:  Center map and collapse all topics
  • Alt +  F3:  Center selected topic
  • F3:  Focus topic
  • CTRL + D:  Scroll through various levels of details for selected topic
  • Shift + Alt + (0-9):  Show 0-9 levels of details for selected topic
  • Shift + Alt + A:  Show all levels of details for selected topic
  • F4:  Show branch alone


Other Useful Keys

  • CTRL + F1:  Show or hide the ribbon toolbar
  • CTRL + Z:  Undo
  • CTRL + Y:  Redo
  • CTRL + A:  Select all
  • CTRL + Shift + A:  Select all siblings
  • CTRL + C:  Copy
  • CTRL + V:  Paste (there are some more advanced options available)
  • F7:  Spell check


Note for our Mac users: I now have a Mac too! As soon as I figure out how to turn it on, I’ll be learning (and mastering) MindManager Mac and will post tips about both in the future! 

Which keys are your favorites and are we missing keys? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

About the Author: Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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