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Map Links

Another great week of productive mapping. Here’s a short list of some inspiring map posts and news.

How to Mind Map: A Beginner’s Guide – Adam Sicinski of IQ Matrix has put together an awesome guide for how to get started with mind maps.

Richard Branson: Secrets to My Success – Ever since I lived in England, I’ve been a fan of Richard. Adam again has done a great job mapping out Richard’s patterns of success.

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School – twelve simple principles to help us make the best use of our brains, enabling us to become better teachers, students, parents and business leaders.

MindBerry: Mindmapping software for the Blackberry – a new mind mapping software for the blackberry hit the market. Not yet integrated with MindManager, send in your feature requests! Actually, I met the developer on Twitter recently and they’re looking to integrate with Mindjet.

April Fools Day Mind Map Competition – A little contest from Paul at the Mind Map inspiration blog.

The Benefits of Using a Mind Map as a Personal Dashboard – Matthew Lang at MindMapSwitch has started to document the benefits and ways to use mind mapping for personal dashboards.

What has inspired you this week?

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