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15 Free Courses for Small Businesses

In celebration of ‘National Small Business Week’, here are 15 free online courses offered by the US Small Business Administration to help small businesses get started, get smart, and get profitable.

Also, to jump start your efforts, here’s a free MindManager Business Plan template and interactive PDF map. Why is a MindManager map one of the best ways to write and organize your business plan?

  • Dynamic: The best plans are not meant to be written, filed, and then forgotten — they are living and evolving documents.
  • Visual: Maps provide the big picture view of your business and strategy and let your illustrate the power of your plan by highlighting relationships, priorities and more in a visual, interactive format.
  • Fast: It’s fast and easy to link all the files and websites that support your plan.
  • Concise: Using keywords instead of paragraphs, you add the information that matters without getting caught up in worrying about grammar.
  • Accessible: Share your plan in a variety of formats including the map itself, interactive PDF files, or export it to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint (using MindManager 8).


Sign Up Now — Free Small Business Webcast: Mindjet is hosting a free webcast for Small Businesses on Tuesday at 10AM PDT where special guest Mark Knowles, President of Smart Solutions, shares how he creates meaningful change at his small business. Here’s a great opportunity to hear and learn from another customer! Click here for more information.


Free Online Courses for Small Business:

Starting a Business:


Surviving in a Down Economy:


Business Management:




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