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Article Roundup for Small Businesses

People running small companies and everyone working for a small firm face tough challenges. A shrinking economy, growing competition, and the constant pressure to perform! Here are a few helpful articles that provide tims and resources for everyone trying to do more with less!

  • Plan B: An SMB’s Guide To Making Do During The Recession If you have to tighten your belts and save some bucks for the really important stuff (e.g. like Mind Mapping software), here are 17 suggestions to save money during the recession.
  • Kick Back and Relax Yes, you heard me. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Take a break and be more productive!
  • 40 Places for Freelancers to Learn More about Business Freelance Switch highlights 40 places where small businesses and entrepreneurs can learn more — without investing thousands in an MBA. The resource list includes web sites, blogs, books, magazines and online courses.
  • 10 Business Plan Gaffes You Don’t Want To Make Benjamin Tomkins of the Small Biz Resource blog shares Tim Berry’s list of top 10 business plan mistakes. Interestingly, #10, dead scrolls, was a point I made earlier this week and mentioned how mapping can bring your plan to life! How many of these points are mitigated by using mind maps?
  • Two More Small Businesses Making Twitter Work I had thought Twitter was great for either big businesses or virtual businesses. Creative business owners are proving me wrong!
  • Are You Collaborating Creatively? Last, but hopefully not least, I was interviewed about Mindjet and collaborative mind mapping by

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