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10 Winners: A Visual Guide to MindManager 8

A couple of weeks ago, I offered Mindjet Blog readers 10 copies of Wojciech Korsak’s new eBook, A Visual Guide to MindManager 8. I wish I could give everyone a copy, there were 25 great responses. I picked the 10 winners using a random number generator on the web. Amazing what tools you can find these days!

Here’s a peak at what our winners had to say:

  • Comment #5 by Gene Blishen
    Just wrote a blog entry on MindManager and how it has become indespesible when startinga project and planning. Always amazes me on the myriad of functions it has.
  • Comment #6 by Brett
    I gave the MM8 trial a spin, but I haven’t made the leap to MM8 yet because I didn’t really find anything in the trial that made me “have to have it.” Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time with it; having this book to refer to might help me make the leap.
  • Comment #7 by Waveydavey001
    MindManager for me makes the impossible seem possible and puts some structure around my unstructured mind. This helped me produce a training guide that my boss said could not be produced.

    A visual guide would be very useful for mindmanager which is something that enables me to present visually to others.

  • Comment #9 by Luis Alberto Reyes
    Visual problem solving is the way to go. No other program gives me that solution in such an easy and structured way. Thanks
  • Comment #13 by Rolf Siebelink
    I work at Microsoft in the Netherlands, as a marketing project manager. Of course there, the standard is to excusively use Microsoft software (MS Project, OneNote, Sharepoint and other Office 2007 products) for everything.

    However, MindManager has made such an impact that we have obtained licenses for our whole marketing department! Thanks to the perfect integration of MindManager with other Microsoft products 🙂

  • Comment #14 by Robert Mackay
    I have replaced Powerpoint with MindManager, ever since the co-workers have been impressed and followed me, I haven’t use it in its full capacity, but it always amaze me how more can be done in visual way. Seeing the difference between version 7 to 8, I believe this will grow even more than average user like me can think of.
  • Comment #18 by Hassan Jawad
    Users are really exited when they start using the Business Mapping technique in their job.

    We are happy to be a partners in Mindjet Revolution.

  • Comment #20 by Craig Kennedy
    I’ve been a Mindmanager user since MM 2002. I’d always found it extremely helpful as a brainstorming and organizing tool. I upgraded with each new release and was pleased with how much more sophisticated Mindmanager was getting with each new version. It was not until Mindmanager 8 that I really came to appreciate the true power that Mindmanager could bring to my overall productivity. Being able to do all my research, planning and organizing without having to open other applications gave a real boost to my effectiveness. I love the internal browser window and integrated google search. I’m eager to see where Mindjet goes next!
  • Comment #21 by Lou K
    Mindjet is simply THE key productivity tool!!
  • Comment #24 by Brad
    I’m not a huge Trekkie, but the image that comes to my mind when I think of MindManager is Capt. Kirk sitting in his chair on the Enterprise. It is command central and he’s got a view of everything that’s going on and access to everything he needs to fulfill his mission.

    With a demanding job, a family & house, grad school, and even (though not enough…) some hobbies, I’ve been overwhelmed at times trying to keep on top of everything. The best solution BY FAR that I’ve found is setting up my own “captain’s chair” in the form of a dashboard in MindManager. Though I have much to learn still about MM’s capabilities, I can now easily keep an overview of my various responsibilities & interests at work, home, and school — and switch focus easily from one to the other without letting things fall through the cracks. If you’ve not yet tried a dashboard type map, get going! You owe it to yourself and others.

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So, congratulations Gene, Brett, WaveyDavey, Luis, Rolf, Robert, Hassan, Craig, Lou, and Brad. I’ll be passing on your email address to Wojciech and he’ll be contacting you separately with instructions to download your visual guide to MindManager.


About the Author: Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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