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Mindjet Connections, June 2009. We Have a New Look!

The communications and social media team at Mindjet — which includes myself, Michael Deutch, and communications team members Teresia Gichache and Gaelen O’Connell — has been hard at work over the past several weeks on a new design for the Mindjet newsletter, Mindjet Connections, that we hope presents compelling content for you with high-impact visuals in a more compact, yet organized format.

Instead of merely providing links to hosted content, we’ve redesigned the newsletter with the intent of providing some context for each of the articles while clearly delineating between Mindjet-created feature articles and “Tips & Tricks,” and other linked reference sources like news & reviews and top links from the Mindjet Blog. Phase 1 of this redesign is the actual HTML e-mail distributed to our list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  Phase 2, which will be following in the coming months, will be a redesign of the portal page on where the Mindjet Connections content is located.

This month’s Mindjet Connections features a great profile of Stu Schmidt, vice president of sales at Unisfair, who said that MindManager “is the only application that I’ve said is never optional. Wherever I go I have to have MindManager.”  The profile describes in detail the business value Stu, a former WebEx executive, gets from deploying MindManager throughout his organization, including the fact that MindManager has cut the length of his company’s sales cycle by 66 percent.  You’ll see in this edition a focus on some of the business applications of Mindjet, and we plan to continue to provide content like this in the next and future editions of Mindjet Connections.

What do you think of the new layout?  We’d love to hear your feedback!  If you’re not currently a subscriber, please subscribe by clicking here!

And below you can find a summary of this month’s content…

Top Story: MindManager Enables Sales VP to Get on the Same Page with Customers & Close Deals Faster

Map of the Month: MindManager: The Ultimate Sales Discovery Tool

Feature Story: Mindjet Success: Eric Standring Wins Over Audiences, Builds Consensus at Wells Fargo

New Product: MindManager Image Library Add-In: Are Your Maps in Need of a Visual Facelift?

Product Update: Hear What Customers Think About MindManager Web’s Spring Update

Events: MindManager and Solutions Webcasts on June 25 and July 7, 8, 9, 21, and 29

Mindjet in the News:, CIO, LinuxWorld, Productive! Magazine, and more…

Customer Care Corner: MindManager 6 Products Retiring This Month. Upgrade Now for Continued Support

To check out the whole newsletter portal page, visit the Mindjet Connections site.

About the Author: Phil Novack is Manager, Global Communications of Mindjet.

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