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The Power of Collaborative Mind Mapping

Here are three recent articles related to Mindjet’s collaborative mind maps: The Power of Mind Mapping: Dan Woods, chief technology officer and editor of Evolved Technologist, first mentioned Mindjet in his June 2nd Forbes post, Google’s Enterprising Moves. Today, Dan goes beyond mentioning and shares how Mindjet’s collaborative mind mapping “work profoundly well and allow my teams to achieve a much higher level of productivity.” Check out the whole article to learn why Dan prefers mind mapping.’s Developer Connection: RIAs that rock: David Tucker, a software engineer for Universal Mind, reviews MindManager Web along with the NY Times Reader and industry standard wireframe builder, Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop. According to David, “Mind mapping RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) have been around for the last few years. While many of the applications have done well, none of them has reached the level of the new MindManager Web application.” Others at Adobe have taken notice too. Adobe Evangelists Ryan Stewart and Ted Patrick have also noticed MindManager Web and have posted about it here and here.

Selectour Selects Mindjet: Selectour, a leading network of independent travel agencies with 550 outlets in France, will be leveraging the full set of Mindjet software…MindManager, JCVGantt and Mindjet Connect to develop the creativity of employees, promote communication within the work teams for create a collective dynamic, optimize project management and increase efficiency and productivity of employees. Thanks to Google’s translations you can check out this recent release.

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