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Guest Post: The New iPhone has Landed!

I’m so excited, after years of the Blackberry, I’m now using a new iPhone 3Gs. MindManager user and evangelist, Brian Friedlander, has mapped out the new iPhone in this post. Check it out:

The New iPhone has Landed!

For the past couple of weeks the iPhone has been quite the rage in the blogosphere. Before it was released there were rumors and speculation but everyone came down to Earth when it was finally released.

And what a weekend it was for Apple with various analysts reporting that close to 750,000 iPhone sold during the first weekend of the release of the iPhone 3G & GS. Apple will be offering a free iPhone 3.0 Software Update which will add a number of very significant features, namely-copy, cut, and paste along with use of a larger keyboard in landscape mode for Mail, Messages, Notes, and Safari. At $99 dollars the iPhone 3G with 8GB of storage sports a 2 megapixel camera, voice memos, a the ability to run thousands of apps from the Apple Store. The iPhone 3GS breaks new ground with its speed and 3 megapixel camera with video capabilities and is available in a 16 MB or 32 MB model. You can quickly see from the MindManager 8 map the host of new features and get a sense what all of the excitement is about.

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Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D., is an avid blogger, MindManager Enthusiast, and Educational Technologist who closely follows the mind mapping market. Brian consults and provides training to schools and businesses who are interested in applying mind mapping solutions. You can follow his blog at

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