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Happy 4th of July!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend from everyone here at Mindjet!

Here’s a quick set of interesting links of mapping & visual thinking…

  • The Essential Guide to Effective Decision Making: Luciano Passuello has an interesting post on PrOACT, an approach for effective decision making. Sounds like a great map template with branches for Problem Statement, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Tradeoffs. What do you think?
  • Mind Map Conditions: A fun look at a variety of mapping conditions and ailments by Paul Foreman. Have any other conditions to add to the list?
  • Interview with Phil Novack of Mindjet: Brian Friedlander discusses the new MindManager CPA Edition with Mindjet’s Global Communications manager, Phil Novack.
  • Adding New Topic Shapes to Your MindManager Library: Andrew Wilcox gets prescriptive here with a guide to creating your own topic shapes. I’ve created 3D shapes with PowerPoint in the past and then loaded them up into MindManager to add some spice to some of my maps.
  • Save time and aggravation with a simple travel planning mind map: Chuck Frey offers a travel packing mind map template to save you time and frustration. Packing never really frustrates me though. Finding the best airfare and dealing with travel web sites, on the other hand…

Special thanks to dcJohn for the image.



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