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Map Your Way from Sales Slump to Sales Success!

The world has changed! Have you changed your selling approach?

Budgets are tighter. Fewer people are answering sales calls. Sales cycles are longer.

How can you succeed in sales in a shifting world?

You need the ability to map out the changes, understand what is really happening inside your prospect’s mind, and position your products and services effectively.

This week, Mindjet launched the MindManager Sales Edition. What may surprise some is that a simple visual technique called sales mapping and our software, MindManager, will have a dramatic impact on sales results. Use it and you’ll…

  • Capitalize on near-term opportunities
  • Close big and small deals
  • Accelerate slowing sales cycles
  • Expand key accounts
  • Increase your confidence
  • Build a road map (or a mind map) to success

According to Skip Miller, CEO of M3 Learning and best-selling author of ProActive Sales Management, sales mapping helps you transcend slumps and achieve success. He shared, “as a result of our clients using MindManager during customer engagements, we have seen a significant reduction in their sales cycles. They have been able to understand what is most important to their client, quickly identify and work with the right people to build trust, and mutually identify next steps to keep deals moving forward, almost without competition.”

Here are a few of the areas where mapping will put you ahead of the competition:

  • Sales discovery:  Get to the heart of your client’s needs and present solutions that matter
  • Perfect sales calls: Map out your calls to accelerate the close
  • Client meetings: Demonstrate your understanding in engaging, interactive meetings
  • Account planning: Build effective strategies to land and expand inside your target clients
  • Territory planning: See the big picture and develop both tactical and strategic plans to hit your numbers
  • Problem solving: Go beyond providing transactions and help your clients solve their business problems
  • Value creation: Adding value, by providing valuable ideas, earns you the right to ask for the order

Check out the MindManager Sales Edition!

And, for more insight into successful selling, join a free webinar with Skip Miller on September 17th where he’ll share his proven best-practices and client successes.

Your Turn to Share:

If you’ve been successful integrating maps into your sales process, we’d love to hear your feedback! What types of maps are you using? How has it helped?

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