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MindManager 8 for Mac + Mindjet Player = Maps for Everyone!

MindManager_Mac3We’re getting closer to the release of MindManager 8  for Mac. Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared some of the future highlights of MindManager 8 for Mac including integrations with iCal, Address book, iChat, and MobileMe.

Guess what?

It gets more a lot more interesting!

MindManager 8 for Mac will export maps to the Mindjet Player format which lets anyone or everyone open and interact with your ideas, plans, and strategies!

The Mindjet Player transforms maps into an interactive, read-only format that is universally opened in either a browser (e.g. Safari) or via Adobe Reader 9 as an interactive PDF file.

Let’s say you and your team develop a map to collaborate together on a creative brief for an upcoming product launch. After flushing out your ideas and plans, you may need to share this content with an agency that doesn’t have MindManager.

Original map screenshot

In the past, that might have been an issue. With MindManager 8, export your map into the Mindjet Player format and you can share it with everyone!

Player map screenshot

Anyone who views your maps with the Mindjet Player will be able to…

  • Navigate with both keyboard & mouse
  • Expand & collapse map branches
  • Display topic images, notes, & task status
  • Open hyperlinks
  • Zoom in & out
  • Fit map to screen
  • Center map
  • Find next & previous
  • Print

Stay tuned for more previews, including more ways to share your maps with others!

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