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MindManager 8 for Mac – Import and Export Document Files


With the launch of MindManager 8 for Mac, we’re pleased to introduce a new, integrated service on the web that transforms your maps into other file formats. And, from other file formats back into maps!

While it’s always been possible to cut and paste map topics into a document, certain elements weren’t transferred like the hyperlinks or detailed topic notes.

With our new service, all that has changed!

MindManager 8 for Mac provides the ability to transform your maps into either a Microsoft Word or an Apple iWork Pages ’08 file.

When you export your map, the central topic becomes the title of your document, and each topic is mapped to a document heading according to its level. You’ll have options to generate a table of contents and even include an image of your map.

You’ll move from idea gathering and research to communication faster than before!

Likewise, when someone sends you a document, you can quickly convert that document into a map using the same service!

Stay tuned for more exciting transformations!

P.S. Many have been asking when the release will come out! We’re now in our final testing and launch planning stage and expect to release MindManager8 for Mac this month, November.

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