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Avoid Information Overload!

We’re bombarded by information from all directions.

An article I saw today quantified how bad it actually is!

A new study released Wednesday says households in the United States consumed a
mind-boggling total of 3.6 zettabytes of information and 10,845 trillion words in 2008.

That’s a daily average of 33.8 gigabytes of information and 100,564 words per person.

Put another way, it’s the equivalent of covering the continental United States and Alaska
in a 7-foot-high stack of Dan Brown novels.

Now that’s a lot of novels!

Use MindManager to Organize the Chaos

MindManager maps are an effective way to organize all the information that you work with!

Drag and drop content directly into your maps.

Add emails.



And more…

Organize it.

Tag it.

Filter it.

Search it.

Map it all out to make sense of it all before you get overloaded!

Here are some more interesting stats…

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