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Happy Holidays: Top 10 Mindjet Blog Posts for 2009

Top 10 ListI’m excited to post my final message of the year! And, start my holiday festivities…

Here are your top 10 most read posts this past year:

10: Become a Presentation Superhero! Maps and insights from presentation camp in San Francisco.

9: Focusing on My Horizons with MindManager & GTD Learn how to map out the different horizons in your life to gain perspective and see the big picture. Use the horizons of focus map template as a life-compass to help you make better decisions and create alignment and balance in your life.

8: 10 Steps to Great Presentation Maps Tips and tricks for making great presentations with Mindjet maps.

7: MindManager 8 for Mac is Coming We were definitely excited to announce plans for MindManager 8 for Mac.  Since this post, we’ve updated our release date to be at the end of January before Macworld 2010.

6: Getting Projects Done with MindManager 8, Google Docs and Basecamp! This was a fun post that illustrates how to start using MindManager 8’s topic links and embedded browser to create powerful interactive project dashboards that work with online apps like Google Docs and Basecamp.

5: Integrate Gmail & Google Docs with Mindjet MindManager 8 Here’s another example of how to use web applications to power up your maps.

4: Something Fishy 3 variations of map templates to walk you through a fishbone analysis

3: Mindjet for the iPhone Yes, if you haven’t heard about it or haven’t seen it yet, check it out! Mindjet launched an iPhone app!

2: Getting Things Done…with Mindjet This post links to my webinar on how to use Mindjet to complement David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. Many thanks to David & Company for all their support this year!

and now for your top post of the year …

1: Making It All Work with MindManager I reviewed an early copy of David Allen’s latest book, Making It All Work. This post contains a couple of great MindManager maps to help you perform your weekly reviews and get the clutter out of your mind so you can be more clear, creative and effective!

That’s it. Your top 10. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and sharing these links with others!

Let’s make 2010 even better together!

And with that, it’s time to say goodbye for the year.

Mindjet and I wish you many blessings of peace, joy and happiness in this holiday season.

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