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Grow your skills: Mindjet Now Offering Live Demos

Everyone knows how easy it is to get up and running with basic mapping. The old saying “if you can hit enter and insert you can map” is a testament to that. But what if you want to grow your skills or even just get and introduction to the power of MindManager. Have no fear, we here and Mindjet are now offering LIVE demos of our MindManager product.

We will be offering two different demos for our users, a Fundamentals of MindManager as well as an Advanced Features demo. As the names describe these two demonstrations will offer up different content depending on your skill level and both will allow you to take your mapping capabilities to the next level.

Advanced Features of MindManager:

This interactive demonstration covers new and advanced features of MindManager 8 for Windows. Our Mindjet Expert will show you how to increase productivity in your workday, boost product adoption and drive great results through dynamic mapping.

You will learn how to:

  1. How to improve your mapping skills with key advanced features
  2. Best practices for initiating new projectsbtn_red_register
  3. How to run engaging and effective meetings

Fundamentals of MindManager:

One of our own mapping experts shows you how to manage and share critical information, improve business process and drive new levels of innovation.

This 30 minute demo covers:

  1. How to visually connect ideas and informationbtn_red_register
  2. Turn simple task lists or project plans into maps
  3. Get more out of meetings, both offline and online

If you have ever wanted to improve your skills or help new users grow their skills now you have somewhere to send them. See the schedule and register for the two demos by clicking the links below.

Advanced Features

Fundamentals and MindManager

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