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Holiday Wishes with Mind Maps!

PeaceWelcome to 2010! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year!

Over the holiday break, I received a holiday card mind map!

Not being much of a card person, I never of thought of using a map.

I love the idea though.

Take a look at how much can be shared on one page with such little effort!

Holiday Map

This wasn’t the only example, I noticed on Jamie Nast’s Idea Mapping Blog that she also received some beautiful hand-drawn maps as holiday cards!

Tracey-Lyon-Idea-Map-Christmas-Greeting-Page-1-300x233 Tracey-Lyon-Idea-Map-Christmas-Greeting-Page-2-300x233

As you make your way through 2010, remember that mapping will help you think more effectively, plan better and communicate with style!

What’s on Your Mind for 2010?

Let’s makes 2010 our most productive year yet!

  • Do you have any mapping strategies you plan to use in 2010?
  • How will you use Mindjet to be more effective and productive?

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