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A Handy Add-on for the GTD Mappers

Compatible solutionsTo all the GTDer’s (a.k.a. Getting Things Done) out there I have some great news to share with you. We know that many followers of the GTD plan use visual thinking, especially MindManager, to keep their lives productive. What some of you might not know is that there is another fantastic tool that you can use in conjunction to MindManager that will help you further optimize your productivity.

I am of course speaking about ResultsManager. This great add-on to MindManager will take you to a new level of productivity that you haven’t seen before. I am writing about this because our good friend, Nik Tipler over at Gyronix (Maker of ResultsManager) gave a great demo on February 25th, and we are lucky enough to have the recording as well as a link to his podcast.

In this webinar you will hear Nik go over:

  1. Intro/Overview – What is ResultsManager and how does it work with MindManager to make people more productive?
  2. Thinking in terms of the overall GTD workflow, how does RM support the various stages (collection, organization, next action lists)
  3. If I’m a new user starting out, what is my fastpath to getting up and running?
  4. What are the “wow” features that will help me realize an immediate impact from RM?

For the recording of the demo/webinar click here.

As an added bonus for all of you he also gave me a link to his ResultsManager fundamentals webinar.

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