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New from Mindjet: Mindjet Deal Navigator™ for®

Mindjet is pleased to announce our newest SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) offering.

Ever since Mindjet launched web-based mind mapping with the Mindjet Catalyst SaaS collaboration service, customers and industry observers have been suggesting ways that Mindjet web-based visualizations could be applied to improve the usefulness of data-rich applications. We’re very pleased that the first of these “purpose-built” applications, Mindjet Deal Navigator™ for customers is available beginning today.

We worked closely with [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company and CRM leader, to make sure that Mindjet Deal Navigator meets the needs of their customers as well as their internal sales team. Like many of their customers, reps and managers rely on org charts of their key accounts to provide needed transparency on sales strategy, opportunity status and next step identification.

Mindjet Deal Navigator eliminates the wasted time by creating editable and automatically-updated org charts instantly within  As Elay Cohen, vice president, Global Sales Productivity,, said “Mindjet Deal Navigator provides users with an added visual representation of key account information, enabling them to further unlock the power of solutions and turn valuable knowledge into sales.”

With Deal Navigator, automatic org chart creation is just the beginning. Deal Navigator lets users quickly analyze account status and needed actions using visual role identifiers, preference symbols, and annotations consistent with their sales process. Mindjet Deal Navigator reveals essential account relationships within a single view so users can see at a glance who matters and what actions are needed.

Instantly Create Editable Charts
Simply by selecting Mindjet Deal Navigator from within a account, opportunity or contact record, users can create an org chart automatically populated with all relevant data contained in Salesforce.

Mindjet Deal Navigator

Evaluate Account Status and Next Steps

Deal Navigator charts can be easily annotated to show each contact’s role in each opportunity.  For example, Emily Belstead is an evaluator on the CRM opportunity and is the decision-maker on the Support Services opportunity. Everyone on the sales team involved with the ABC Corp account can see at a glance which discussions Emily should be involved in.

Instantly Evaluate Account Status

Focus Attention to Map Out Next Steps

Major accounts often contain hundreds of contacts, so Mindjet Deal Navigator lets users adjust the chart to focus only on those contacts associated with a specific  opportunity. The ability to filter by Opportunity Stage and Role and display only the relevant customers or prospects is essential to making opportunity analysis more efficient.

Filter to Focus Attention



Use Annotations to Track Critical Information

As experienced Sales managers know, it’s often the informal relationships in an organization that matter most. Deal Navigator lets you display these informal relationships and annotate the chart with relevant comments. Users also have access to a range of colorful icons, such as flags, to indicate a contact’s disposition toward the deal. The ability to easily add colorful borders, informal relationship lines, and comments dramatically improves chart usefulness.

Use Annotations to track critical info

Mindjet Deal Navigator is available immediately in English.  For more information:

And, stay tuned to the Mindjet blog, where we’ll cover this product in future posts!


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