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There’s a Map for That: NCAA March Madness


UPDATE 2: March Madness has reached its final weekend and The map files have been updated with the latest tournament results and are current with all the teams in the Final Four. This will certainly be a tournament for the record books with all of the upsets.

UPDATE: The map files have been updated with the latest tournament results and are current with all the teams in the Sweet 16. What an exciting first weekend to the tournament.

Here in the ‘States’ people are starting to go a little mad. Excitement is in there air, and it’s not necessarily for the reasons you might be expecting. Sure the cold grasp of winter is loosening, and spring is around the corner. But the real reason people are starting to go mad is that it is time for the NCAA Men’s basketball final four. A 19-day tournament that pits the best teams in the country against one another to find the National Champion. And because we are going a little mad ourselves, we put the massive bracket in a map for all of you to help you keep track and make the most of those office bracket pools.

This bracket has everything you need to take down those cash prizes or bragging rights. You have access to every team’s home page with up-to-date news and information about all 65 teams in the tournament. We have even included links to the top experts thoughts and picks, so you can decide to trust them or just use their ideas and create your own winning strategy. (And yes best looking uniform has been proven to be a successful strategy.) So download the map and share it with your friends and family and get ready for an amazing couple of weeks.

final four

Click the image to launch the Player file (Please allow a few moments for loading as it is a big map).

For offline viewing download the PDF verison, Right click and save the link as: PDF Version for Download

Already have MindManager? Download the full map file.

This is going to be an ongoing theme with us here on the Mindjet Blog as well as a new site that is in the works. We are all excited about getting more visualizations out there for the masses. What about you? Do you have visualizations of lots of information that you want to share? Post it in the comments.

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