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Add Roles to Mindjet Deal Navigator

helpful_tips_imageAbout a month ago we released a great sales productivity product Mindjet Deal Navigator. The product has been getting a lot of buzz in the selling community and I thought, why not share with you ways to use the product and boost your sales effectiveness., with well over 72,000 customers, is a great tool that has revolutionized they way companies sell and manage their accounts. Now it is time for companies to revolutionize the way people use Mindjet Deal Navigator does just that and in this quick demo you will learn how you can create and assign roles to your dynamic org charts created in Deal Navigator.

Thanks to our crackpot training staff here at Mindjet, I can continue to offer you video tutorials instead of lengthy explanations. You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. (I wonder how many a video is worth?) Check out the video below from the Mindjet YouTube page and learn how you can assign roles in Mindjet Deal Navigator.

Stay tuned for more tips for Mindjet Deal Navigator. I know this is a relatively new product but I would love to hear your tips if you have them. And don’t forget to visit our YouTube page for more great videos and product demos.

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