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MindManager for SharePoint – Display SharePoint Documents

helpful_tips_imageIn this posting I thought I would share with you all another great tip for our recently released MindManager for SharePoint product. One of the many challenges that arises with SharePoint is that you will end up having documents all over the different sites/projects that you are working on.

In the following video demonstration you will see how you can bring all of your documents into a nice organized map with MindManager for SharePoint. You can also take advantage of the two-way communication between MindManager and SharePoint to keep all of your documents up to date.

As before in my tips and tricks postings I figure a picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is even better. So have a quick watch of the video and learn how to manage your documents with MindManager for SharePoint.

Stay tuned for more tips for MindManager for SharePoint. I know this is a relatively new product but I would love to hear your tips if you have them. And don’t forget to visit our YouTube page for more great videos and product demos.

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