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Use MindManager for Presenting – Super Post

Today we have teamed up with SlideRocket to show how much better your presentations can be when you use mind mapping and especially MindManager. My colleague Micheal Duetch has written extensively on this subject and today we thought we would again highlight the posts that you, the readers, found most useful. Presenting is something that we almost all have to do and as we know public speaking is still one of the most fearful things humans experience. This post will help to cure you of any fears or hopefully, take your presentations to a whole new level.

10 Steps to Great Presentation Maps

In his post 10 Steps to Great Presentation Maps, Michael goes through 10 ways to make your presentations stronger using mapping for either the brainstorming and organization phase all the way through creating maps to use in place of PowerPoint. In the interest of brevity I have only included the 10 bullet points. For more on each of the topics click through and read the post.

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Limit Bullet Points and Text
  3. Make Your Maps for Presentations
  4. Use High-Quality Graphics
  5. Have a Visual Theme
  6. Use Appropriate Charts
  7. Use Color Well
  8. Choose Your Fonts Well
  9. Use Video or Audio
  10. Spend Time in the Slide Sorter (or better, in MindManager)

Become a Presentation Superhero

One of the most popular posts we have had on our blog, Become a Presentation Superhero, Michael explains how he was offered a very last minute Presenter role at SlideShare‘s Presentation Camp. At first he was very overwhelmed and wasn’t sure what he was going to do. But, doing as Michael often does, he quickly built out maps and created one of the more memorable presentations of the event. As an added bonus the post even contains the presentation maps that he created. With so much great content in his post I wouldn’t do it justice by summarizing his words.

Of course we aren’t the only authority on using mind maps and MindManager for presenting. We would love to hear from you all out there about how you use mapping in your presentations. Do you map out what you want to present? Do you actually present using a map? What kind of problems or difficulties have you run into when using a map to present?

Leave some comments and lets share our stories and ideas.

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