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3 Tips to Make Org Chart Work For You

One of the most valuable pieces of information that sales reps selling into large organizations can have are detailed org charts. To take that one step further, a dynamic org chart with extra context about the individuals and teams they are trying to sell into, really gives teams a leg up. Knowing that certain managers have a history together, or that a direct report of the buyer is a major champion of your product, will enable you to fully take advantage of your sales opportunities.

Because of the power adding context to your org chart gives you and your sales team I thought I would show you how to take full advantage of the advanced features of Mindjet Deal Navigator. The three features, and accompanying videos, will give you the power to make your sales teams more effective when selling into complex organizations.

Add Relationships:

One of the most valuable assets to any opportunity is knowing how people in the organization interact with each other and if there are any relationships that don’t fall into the standard org chart set-up. With Mindjet Deal Navigator you can quickly add these impromptu and informal relationships with just a few clicks of the month.

Add Comments:

To take these relationships one step further and make sure that you can add as much detail as possible you can add comments to your relationships. Having a line between two individuals is nice but what makes it really powerful is knowing why the relationship is there in the fist place. This makes sure that you will always know why and how they are related. You can also then search on all these comments to find all relationships regarding a certain issue.

Add Boundaries:

In complex organizations, the org chart itself might get a little messy. To solve this problem, you can add new and fully customizable boundaries around teams and people. Make sure your chart is fully up to date with all the correct organizational information.

There you have it. With three quick and easy steps you are able to make your opportunities org charts really sing with information and context. You can use this information to blast past the competition and take your sales teams to the next level.

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