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Managing large accounts in Deal Navigator just got easier

Mindjet Deal Navigator is a Software-as-a-Service application that uses Mindjet visualization technology to dramatically improve the sales planning and management process for users of the CRM system. For sales reps and their managers, it’s essential to know who’s who in a prospective customer account – who’s the real decision-maker, who’s in a position to influence him or her, and who’s the champion for the product you’re trying to sell. Deal Navigator uses the data in to automatically create org charts that make that kind of analysis a snap.

Sales account reps and account managers often face the daunting task of analyzing a large number of contacts associated with a single account. Add the fact that the information in Salesforce may be incomplete, and suddenly it’s difficult to know where to start an account review or sales planning process. Not to worry. Deal Navigator helps tackle this problem.

If reporting relationships aren’t identified for all contacts, for example, Deal Navigator provides different ways to help fill those in. First, you can simply drag-and-drop contacts within the org chart to create reporting relationships, and those changes will be automatically updated in Salesforce. Secondly, if you have a large number of contacts to update, you may want to make updates over time, and the new “Tag” feature in Deal Navigator v1.1 lets you do just that.

With the Tag feature, you can identify contacts by specific criteria and then select only the ones you want displayed in the chart. You might choose to search on VP to identify all contacts with a VP title and then select or tag only the specific VP contacts you want to appear in the chart. You can do multiple searching and tagging based on name, title, geography and e-mail. Once you’re done, the Deal Navigator will recreate the chart to show only the contacts you tagged for inclusion, giving you exactly what you need to focus on the decision-makers and influencers that can make or break the deal.

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