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There’s a Map for That: FIFA World Cup 2010 #WC2010

There may be no bigger world-wide sporting event than the World Cup. And this year is certainly no exception. For the first time ever the world’s greatest footballers will be competing on African soil. Our office here has been buzzing for weeks, and now that we have this tremendous map with everything you need to know about the tournament, people are all extremely excited. Will Messi be able to lead Argentina to the title for the third time, or will this be the year that Spain or Portugal break into the elite teams that have won at least on title.

Based on the heels of our Vancouver Olympics map we have created a new visualization for your viewing pleasure. As you can imagine with an event as big as the World Cup the amount of information is quickly overwhelming. However, with this map you are easily able to see everything you need in an easy to digest format.

World Cup

Click the image to launch the Player file (Please allow a few moments for loading as it is a big map).

For offline viewing download the PDF verison, Right click and save the link as: PDF Version for Download

Already have MindManager? Download the full map file.

We are all excited about getting more visualizations out there for the masses. What about you? Do you have visualizations of lots of information that you want to share? What do you think the outcome of the matches will be? Do you agree with my star player choices? Post it in the comments.

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