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There’s a map for that: Wedding Planning

One of the happiest times in a person’s life is the day they get married. It is this blessed union between two people in love that makes everyone around them happy. (That and maybe this) As many people know getting married is more than just saying your vows and having a celebration with friends and family. An insane amount of hard work goes into getting married that most of the guests never even knew took place.

With wedding season in full swing we thought we would offer you all a way to simplify and organize the wedding planning process. Yes our belief is that everything can be mapped, even planning your wedding. In this gorgeous map you will find everything you need to do broken out into easy to manage time frames. While it is not fully broken out into a Gantt chart (that’s a little over the top) it has the whole process broken down in easy to manage chunks with some flexible dates to follow. Of course, this is all based on the idea that you don’t run off and elope.


Click the image to launch the Player file (Please allow a few moments for loading as it is a big map).

For offline viewing download the PDF verison, Right click and save the link as: PDF Version for Download

Already have MindManager? Download the full map file.

We are all excited about getting more visualizations out there for the masses. What about you? Do you have visualizations of lots of information that you want to share? Post it in the comments.

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