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Mindjet Technology Partner Solutions to Enhance your MindManager Version 9 Experience!

Our goal at Mindjet is to provide you with the most efficient tool to help you increase your productivity, streamline your project planning, and manage your information overload. Mindjet’s Technology Partners extend the MindManager platform and provide innovative solutions that enhance the capability and functionality of our leading visual productivity application. We’re proud to share with you some of our most popular and MindManager Version 9 compatible 3rd party solutions.

  • PowerMarkers for MindManager helps the “accidental” project manager keep track of small projects, useful information, and changing situations by sorting and grouping topics together in easy-to-digest lists.
  • OPTI-P2 for MindManager is a solution that helps you create, edit, manage, and access the management products of your PRINCE2 projects.
  • OPTI-Q for MindManager helps manage and navigate Quality Management Systems, documentation, and particularly those systems that are based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • OPTI-Suite for MindManager provides an additional ten new ways in which to make MindManager more productive, including Topic Text Lock / Unlock, Topic+Topic, Topic Calculator, and more.
  • Gyronix GyroQ turns ideas into action while keeping you on track by capturing your flashes of inspiration, sudden brainwaves and interruptions, without breaking your concentration.
  • Gyronix ResultsManager is a favorite among MindManager power users, as it helps business managers and consultants visualize, communicate, and deliver multiple projects by focusing on priorities, successful outcomes, and next actions.
  • Context Organizer helps you discover knowledge in documents by visualizing the keywords and key sentences in MindManager.
  • TPAssist 2007 for Mindjet MindManager puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you visualize, act on, capture journals and automate your priorities in the context of your life and workplace goals.
  • TPAssistCapture for Mindjet MindManager is a tool for sending content to mind maps, which you can use to instantly capture, store, and process your ideas, tasks, notes, and next actions.
  • Compremio helps Project Managers compress information in a way that allows for immediate application of knowledge.
  • BENEfit SalesMaps helps to cut through the typical sales roadblocks and expedites your deal management by visualizing account and opportunity plans.
  • aHa!coaching has solutions to help with time and meeting management, project management, strategy and dashboard, and knowledge management, as well as an XLS import add-in.
  • ShareSquared’s SharePoint Composer for SharePoint 2010 enables you to visually design and build your SharePoint infrastructure, from a single server configuration to a multi-farm configuration, without writing code or complex deployment scripts.

We strongly encourage all MindManager Version 9 for Windows users to explore our Technology Partners’ sites, and find the solution that best fits you and your needs!

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